Friday, August 14, 2015

Week In Review: Aug 10th - 14th

Jarrad Nickolite: Facility Services Manager

Hello from the West Metro:

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  It sure is going by fast!
Things have been steady on this side of town.  We continue to bring on new business regularly, which keeps us moving forward.  I have a new facility coming on board next week, which has me looking forward to new opportunities and relationships with these folks. 
Believe it or not, NOW is the time to start thinking about snow removal.  Please reach out to your FSM if you would like a professional quote.  A few other big service opportunities coming up before fall are windows, carpets and hard floors.  Keep those areas in mind before the weather starts to change.

I recently just got back from a fishing tournament in Syracuse, NY on Oneida Lake.  What a cool place to spend time in the summer!  The weather was great and the the people were very nice.  I had an ok finish, wrapping up the tournament in 69th place.  I would love to get back there in the next few years...hopefully next time, I will do a little better in the tournament.