Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week In Review: Aug 17th - 21st

Tyler DuBord: Facility Services Manager

Hello from the North East!! We've had some nice, mild temps this week. After the scorcher last week, I was in hopes of some cooler temps and a break from the heat! We all know walking in and out of buildings each day is exhausting when you’re piping hot! ; )

The first half of August has been a busy one! Typically this time of year slows down a bit, but I’ve been able to work with some customers on getting certain projects handled. Included in these projects are: handyman work, parking lot repairs, light bulb changing, and of course the occasional carpet/tile/window cleaning projects we frequently perform. My recommendation for any customers reading this blog, would be to consider walking your space with your FSM or even having us send out a handyman to check out any projects you’ve had on the “list” for several months or even years by now. I had a customer, just last week, check off 10+ handyman-type projects from their list, just from one stop out by our experienced handyman. Projects such as vent repair, dryer service, wall chips/painting, door repair, ballast replacement, and more. 

Hope everyone has a great tail-end to the summer, as we transition into fall and beyond!!