Friday, September 4, 2015

Week In Review: Aug 31st - Sep 4th

Tyler Olson: Sales Executive

I have had a very busy last month.  I bought a new house, did some renovations to the house, and have been planning my daughter's first birthday.  It's also been a pretty busy month in the sales department.  We haven't had a large number of new accounts, but the new accounts that we have started, have been larger scale cleans.  Recently, we started a new type of account for us, a Synagogue.  We are conducting all their cleaning and day porting 7 days per week.  There have been many other churches that we have cleaned, but never a synagogue.  So far, we are really enjoying the relationship with them.

As I mentioned above, I recently bought a house in Apple Valley.  I took about a week off of work and did some renovations to our new house.  We painted/replaced all the trim, changing it from oak to white, painted the kitchen cupboards, and painted most of the rooms in the house.  We are now moved in, and working to get all the furniture we need to fill the house.  Our previous house was smaller, so we have some things to get still.  It's nice to live in a great neighborhood that is also only 6 minutes from the office.

Lastly, my Daughter, Millie, is turning one on September 8th.  We are having a party for her on the following Saturday with our friends and family.  Mitch, our DOO, is smoking pork shoulder for the party and we are very excited as he is a great BBQ’er!