Friday, September 11, 2015

Week In Review: Sept 7th - 11th

Mitch Brunette: Director Of Operations

It seems like each time I have the blog post opportunity, I’m entrusted with the need to welcome you into the next season!  The fair is over, humidity is down, fall rains are in effect, and mornings are cool and foggy.  Welcome to Fall everyone, and I hope you had a fun and safe summer!

Here in the office, we’ve recently brought on Joel Willert, our newest FSM to the City Wide team and he is off to a great start!  Joel has been very focused on learning our specific industry, processes, and of course, his clients and their facilities.  He’s had the opportunity to work closely with our FSM team during their routes to the buildings he’ll be taking over.  Additionally, he has periodically toured around town with me , covering for an FSM on vacation or just helping them out on a busy week of visits.  We look forward to seeing Joel take full ownership of his route soon, and grow with the company.

We’ve been wrapping up summer with all kinds of projects and bringing on new business!  One of my favorite projects was a very nice Apartment Complex, that was built in the metro area.  We were able to help do the final cleanup of the entire complex, from top to bottom.  We had interior crews cleaning the individual units, inside windows, installing screens, cleaning carpets following minor construction mishaps, and circling back through the units touching them back up after various small touchup repairs were made.  On the exterior side of the building, we had a 70’ Boom lift ordered and a crew safely setup to remove all window plastic, stickers, construction debris, loose paint, and final clean the windows, so they look great for the new tenants!  In the garage, we have our excellent pressure washing team brining in a truck this week to handle the final garage cleaning.  We did an initial prep cleanup in order for the stripers to paint new lines and stall numbers, now we need to do a final cleanup, so it is prepped and looking good for residents.

Aside from all of that, I spent a lot of time the last couple weeks helping one of our clients get ready for a big visit from their corporate office.  As always, we like to keep our facilities show-ready, however, a little extra TLC can go a long way!  We helped align additional labor to be present during the visit, in order to make sure anything that came up could be handled quickly.  We were also able to mobilize some wax crews, to do some scrub and recoat work, and buffing and polishing of other floors for a great presentation.

Outside of the office, I’ve had a typical Minnesotan’s summer!  Fishing, outdoor jogging and roller skiing, and of course, weddings.  My wife, a few friends, and myself headed up to Cloquet to camp at my favorite camping spot that I’ve been a patron at for nearly my entire life.  We had a great weekend out on the lake- building fires, making s'mores, and enjoying great company.  We didn’t get any chances to get out hiking like we usually do, but hope to get up there one more time during the fall.