Friday, December 18, 2015

Week In Review: Dec 14th - 18th

Dustin Hayes: Sales Associate

Hello from the North side of the Metro!!!

I’m sure everyone is enjoying this odd weather. J It has been a whirlwind, getting the family ready for Christmas. My two boys are very, very excited for Santa to arrive, and my wife and I are doing our best to keep their minds off of it! Being the college football fanatics we are in our house, this time of year is spent very anxiously awaiting the big bowls...and we go through football withdrawal. At least we can get our fix from the Vikings playing (or backing) their way into/out of the playoffs.

It's been an amazing ride, since joining this team last month! Every day is a great learning experience. We have some unbelievable Facility Services Managers, that take great care of their clients. Another Facility Services Manager has also joined the team, which will only add to our level of service. With the snow looming (at some point) they can take great care of you, with snow removal or haul away.

Personally, I have enjoyed getting out and meeting potential clients throughout the metro. I’m excited to see what the turn of the year holds for us at City Wide.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and be safe on those slippery roads!