Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Maghan Aschoff: Facility Services Manager

This time of year is always exciting in my house.  I have 11 year old twins, who are ridiculously excited for Christmas.  The energy and excitement of a child on Christmas morning, makes a lot of the challenges throughout the year worth it!

Traditions are such a huge part of the holiday season.  My grandparents were from Czechoslovakia, and when I was a kid I thought our holiday traditions were over the top. Every year we would throw nuts in every corner of the room for "health, happiness, love and wealth", literally, we would throw food in corners, and we couldn't touch them for days otherwise our wishes wouldn't come true. We would put honey on our foreheads and say prayers for a healthy new you know what that did to a teenaged forehead?!  We would open one gift on Christmas Eve, only one; that was tortuous as a kid.  There are so many more traditions that we did, and as a kid, I thought they were lame. 

Well now I have kids, and I realize how important these traditions were.  Every year my family decorates our tree while listening to The Beach Boys Christmas, then we have an appetizer party while we watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Every Christmas Eve, we open one present, which is always Christmas pajamas that the kids wear that night.  When they were little they thought it was awesome to get xmas pj's, now they're old enough to know I pick out their "one gift" and yes, it's so we can have festive Christmas morning pictures.  :)

My kids are growing up fast, and I revel in the fact that they still want to spend this much time on our traditions.  And who knows, they may think they're lame; but one day they'll appreciate it! 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Welcome, Vang!

Mitch Brunette: Director Of Operations

In the last month, we brought a new night manager into our office!  Joel has been particularly happy to have him working in the central metro territory.  Welcome to our office, Vang Khang!

Vang has a background in retail supervision, management of processes and detailed merchandising, as well as supervision from the parking industry and we are excited that he has joined our team! 

From his first interview, I could tell he had a very upbeat personality, a great willingness to help out, and a desire to achieve goals and get after projects.  Vang and I both have sons born just a few DAYS apart this year, so we are in the new fatherhood boat together, and have been enjoying it thus far. 

Since coming on board, Vang has shadowed Steve Reid heavily. In the last couple weeks though, he has been getting out on his own a bit, to handle some projects solo. This coming week, he'll be ready to head out on his own & tackle his territory.

Welcome aboard, sir, and we appreciate your efforts and impact you make for our team and office!

Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Year Anniversary Banquet

Kirsten Lund: Office Manager

In 2006, Dick and Greg decided it was time for a new venture. They packed up their lives and moved to the Twin Cities to start up City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota. After cleaning countless toilets and mopping endless floors – here we are, 10 years later, celebrating the anniversary. City Wide has grown from a small family-run company, to now employing more than 20 people, while still maintaining the family culture.

The table linens were set and place cards displayed. There was not a detail that was missed. While Frank Sinatra played in the background, and a slideshow of the past 10 years cycled, guests began to arrive. Several people traveled from out of state, just for this occasion. It was an honor to be surrounded by so many friends, family and fellow faces of City Wide.

Each year, City Wide of Minnesota has a tradition of handing out awards. This year was no different. After dessert was served, the awards ceremony began. Now, these aren’t your typical awards for achievements and accomplishments. These are the Golden Toilet Awards! Golden Toilet awards only get handed out to certain people (mostly of superior excellence) that have really made the year stand out. More of a compilation of funny, hard-working, and sometimes embarrassing moments. (I, personal, have four!)  Between the "Two Time MN Winter Survivor," "Founders Award Sponsored By Diet Mt Dew," and the "Gun Show" awards, this provided endless laughs and entertainment for the night.

We would like to extend a huge thank you, to those near and far, that were able to join us in our company’s celebration. We look forward to what the next 10 years will bring for City Wide of Minnesota!

Mic drop.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all, if you are traveling to see your friends and family!   This Thanksgiving, I’ll be traveling out of town to see family.  Traditionally, I associate this holiday with football games (yes, I'll be watching the Vikings) and crazy shopping deals, however, I would like to take a more serious look at the holiday and the history of the celebration and appreciation for a successful harvest! 

My wife grew up on a family farm in Wells, MN, which is a little west of Albert Lea.  The farm began as a humble 100 acre family farm, in which my father-in-law purchased from his father, and has since grown to nearly 500 acres of rich soil, large storage bins, and several buildings to store equipment.  In the grand scheme of farming, 500 acres is still considered small and humble, but it’s a great family farm and tradition to carry on. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was down on the farm, driving a tractor and listening to some audiobooks, and I really found a great appreciation in the simplicity of farming as we know it today vs. our history.  If you take a trip through Eagan, MN, for example, you’ll find farms being worked, planted, and harvested by incredibly primitive or small equipment.  As I watch that, I can’t imagine what America’s original settlers had to work with, using horses and small equipment!  Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of hours behind the wheel, not to mention some hard equipment maintenance and work, but it’s become much more of a business process than you may realize, if you haven’t spent time on a farm recently.  

My wife and I have been married for 6 ½ years, and dated for a few years prior.  During this time, I've come to notice that there’s always been a couple constant themes in her family.  -Be thankful for a successful crop and celebrate anything worth celebrating.  This year, we had a record crop on corn and a near all-time record on beans, so we definitely have something to celebrate!   I’ve learned a lot in 8 years of being on the farm! 
Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe everyone! 



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Welcoming Tony Filippi

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

I am very excited to introduce and welcome to our Sales team, Tony Filippi!  Tony joined us about one month ago, and has been actively learning a new industry, as well as building his network of contacts in his territory.  He comes to us with a background in sales and sales management, over the past 7 years.

I've been able to spend quite a bit of time with Tony, while onboarding him to City Wide.  During this process, I have gotten to know more about him personally.  When he is not at City Wide, Tony loves music and plays drums in a funk band, Sonically Speaking.  You can catch him at shows around town, throughout the year.  Tony was also recently married to his wife, Kady, and they have a springer spaniel.

We are very excited to have Tony on the team, and look forward to getting to know him and his family more as time goes on!  Hopefully, we can catch one of his shows some time too!

Friday, November 11, 2016


Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Hello all, from the Northwest Metro!

Hope everyone's fall is treating them well and you're enjoying the nice weather we are having before the snow starts to fly.

Things are very busy, here at City Wide. This week in particular has consisted of my playing catch up after an amazing vacation to Iceland with my girlfriend, Rachel.  We decided last winter, that we wanted to take a fall vacation to a place with adventure and beautiful views, thus we landed on a trip to Iceland.  This turned out to be a great trip and we took full advantage of the opportunity to see some very undisturbed nature, that is found throughout the island.

We thought it was especially interesting that the whole island is made up of mainly lava rock and moss. There isn't any agriculture or farming on the island, due to the ground being so dense and not consisting much soil.  Much of everything needed to be imported, so as you can imagine, items were expensive, but well worth it.

We stayed in the capital city, Reykjavik, in a small condo.  We also had a rental car, which enabled us to make day trips around the island to see some amazing waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, and many mountain ranges and glaciers. 

We also had the opportunity to go horseback riding through the lava fields and snorkel between the North American and European/Asian tectonic plates, which was my favorite thing we did!  The water clarity was amazing and you could see the bottom of where the plates cracked, which was roughly 130ft deep and clear as day. With the water being so clear, the light was able to penetrate really deep, making it possible to see the crazy colors of the minerals in the rock face. 

I have included a few of our favorite pictures of us, in front of a some of the many waterfalls and on top of a mountain, after hiking up it. 

If you ever have the opportunity to experience Iceland, I would highly recommend it, as it blew our expectations away. 

Hope everyone has a great rest of fall and stays warm through the weather changes!


Friday, October 28, 2016


Greg Mansfield: President

Hello Everyone!
Last weekend, October 20th-22nd, I had the privilege of attending the first ever leadership training event, put on by Echelon Front.  It is called Muster and it took place in San Diego.  This event was the single most impactful business and leadership class I have ever attended, including my college and MBA classes. I am currently working on a Leadership Playbook to help train current and future leaders in our company, so this was a timely event.  It was the most rewarding and interesting initiative I had the privilege of working on during my 10-year career at City Wide.

Echelon Front is a company that was started by two Nave Seals, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.  Jocko was in charge of Seal Team 3 Task Unit Bruiser, which was instrumental in winning the battle of Ar Ramadi in the second Iraq war.  Jocko helped build what is, arguably, one of the world’s finest and most effective Special Forces teams ever assembled.  Leif worked with Jocko as a platoon commander under his command.   This is the Seal Team that was the focus of the movie ,American Sniper, about Seal Chris Kyle. After their combat experience, they were asked to be in charge of training for all the west coast seal teams and built one of the best combat training programs ever in the Navy.    Once their military careers were over, they co-founded Echelon Front, to share the principals of leadership they had learned with business leaders, police, and fire.  You can learn more about them at their website:  Both are very active on social media as well.  Specifically, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Jocko also has one of the highest rated new podcasts on iTunes, called Jocko Podcast.

The event itself was world class and ran smoothly.  350 business leaders, politicians, police, and fire professional attended, all hoping to improve their leadership skills and improve the effectiveness of their teams.  Jocko and Leif led a two-day session, teaching the combat leadership principals they learned, which include:

1.      Cover and Move (Teamwork)
2.      Prioritize and Execute (Don’t work on too many things at once)
3.      Discipline
4.      Extreme Ownership (Stop blaming others and own your world)
5.      Decentralized Command (How to empower your teams to be decisive and stop waiting on orders)

Jocko and Leif also held long question and answer sessions, where we were able to dive deeper into topics with real world examples.  This is where most leadership classes fail, as they are often theoretical in nature.  These guys are literally battle-tested and that real world experience is awesome, when comes to actual examples.  They never dodged or failed to have an effective answer to a challenge someone was facing.  That is quite rare.

Aside from the knowledge, we also got a chance to spend time with the guys during our 0430 AM workouts!  Around 200 of us that attended, were able to march through downtown San Diego at 0430 and workout together, outside of  the convention center.  Nothing like two Navy Seals leading burpees, jumping jacks, stairs, sit ups, scissor kicks, squats, lunges, and pushups for a wakeup call!  The first day, the security and police came to check out what the heck was going on and quickly realized that it was something cool, not a problem.

Overall, this was an incredible experience and something I will never forget.  It was an unexpected honor to get to meet and spend time with Jocko and Leif.  I am really looking forward to applying the lessons I learned with our team at City Wide of MN and seeing our company’s leadership continue to grow!

 I would highly recommend their book, Extreme Ownership, and Jocko Podcast!



Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome, Maghan Aschoff!

Mitch Brunette: Director Of Operations

I am very excited to introduce and welcome to our FSM team, Maghan Aschoff!  She came on board almost 4 weeks ago and it’s been a lot of fun helping her to have a good understanding of our business, systems, and practices.  She has a background in the financial industry, people management, and client relationships.  Additionally, she comes from a family with a background in construction and property management.

Maghan was very eager to learn about our company in the interview process.  Likewise, we really enjoy getting to know more about our candidates, to ensure it’s an excellent fit all around.  From her ride along to the first week getting into buildings and meeting clients first hand, it’s been a great experience from both sides.  We’re looking forward to seeing her take the reins and own her territory!

Outside of the workplace, Maghan enjoys spending time with her family.  She has 11 year old twins that keep her active with their love for sports, and they all enjoy a good camping trip or biking on trails. 
We are very excited to have Maghan on the team, and look forward to getting to know her and her family more as time goes on!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ryder Cup

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

Last weekend, a number of us from the City Wide Team had the opportunity to go to the Ryder Cup, here in Minnesota.  The event was held at Hazeltine National Golf Course in Chaska, MN.  This was a historic event, as the Ryder cup is only in the United States every 4 years, and has never been held in Minnesota before. It was an amazing experience to have this right in our backyard. 

A brief history on the event, for those who don’t know:  The Ryder cup started in 1927, in Massachusetts.  The event is a golf competition that occurs every two years, between Team USA and Team Europe.  It is named after Samuel Ryder, who donated the trophy in the first competition.  The original competition was between the USA and Great Britain, but was expanded to all of Europe after the second world war, due to the dominance of Team USA.

Back to our experience at the event.  Greg (owner), Brian (controller), Mitch (DOO), myself, and one of my buddies from outside of City Wide, attended the event.  We arrived there well before the gates opened up and were near the front of the line.  When gates opened we hurried to the Tee 1 grandstand and were able to get seats to the early morning festivities, including chants, cheering, and a spontaneous national anthem, as the sun rose, which made its way onto multiple news outlets including CNN.  After the morning groups went off, we followed the groups to different holes and were able to watch a good amount of golf.

For those who don’t follow golf, the USA pulled off the win on Sunday, and ended an 8 year drought.

I don’t think that this event will ever be back in MN in my lifetime, but if so I would suggest checking it out!



Friday, September 30, 2016

Habitat For Humanity

Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Hello, from the Northwest Metro!

I wanted to share a little about a volunteer opportunity that all of us at City Wide Maintenance of MN partook in. On this past Wednesday, our entire office joined together with Habitat for Humanity, to help build a house for a family in need.

The house was located in St Paul, in a old neighborhood, that we believe will benefit from having a new house on the block. It was a very cool experience, as we learned more about Habitat for Humanity, the work they do, the people they help, and the neighborhoods they help. We received a little backstory on the lot where we were building the house, the neighborhood, and the neighbors themselves.  It was interesting to hear all the steps that are involved and the people these project affect.

Upon completing our safety training, we broke into 3 different crews: one crew was siding the house, one crew helped set up scaffolding, and another crew worked on framing and flooring punch-list items inside the house.

We quickly learned who had a knack for construction projects within our office, and it gave us an opportunity for some healthy competition!  Together, we made some great progress on the house and did our part in helping a family get one day closer to having a place to call home.

Overall, this was a great experience, as most volunteer projects are! I thought it was particularly fun because we got to use power tools and build stuff!  I would highly recommend taking part in a Habitat project if you are looking to volunteer, because they do a great job in providing help with one of the biggest financial hardships many people face.

Cheers and have a great fall!

Friday, September 23, 2016

MN Vikings Home Opener

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

The Minnesota Vikings, against much adversity, are alone atop the NFC North! What an incredible start to the year, with all of the injury headaches, and what an incredible stadium opening!  If you can’t tell, I was incredibly fortunate and able to attend the Vikings home opener. Our newest teammate, Jenny Ewert, attended as well.  We didn’t bump into each other, but we had a similar experience and love for the event.

My father in law has season tickets to the stadium, in the 7th row of the 3rd deck.  It’s a ways up there, but as you’ve likely heard, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.  My wife was unable to attend, as she stayed home with our 12 day old son.  So, I brought a good friend with me, whom was incredibly appreciative of the ticket.  The stadium is huge, incredibly huge!  The viewing angles are awesome and the audio is excellent, to the point you can truly understand the announcer/officials giving updates.  I just think back to the Metrodome and everything echoing so badly, that you could rarely hear what they were saying.

Speaking of sound, that place was LOUD.  I mean really LOUD! -And the doors were still open.  That lead me to believe, that when they close those doors, there’s more audio trapped inside and the potential for it to get even louder.  Last year, while attending a handful of games at TCF Bank Stadium, I immediately recognized the lack of dome presence for fan interference with the opposing offensive commands.  Not here....and Aaron Rogers hated it!  The closest I can compare it to was the Vikings Vs. Dallas 2009 playoff game, when we whooped them - something like, 41-10. 

This stadium has lived up to the hype, we were able to hunt down the Legacy Brick we purchased for my father in law’s 70th birthday gift, and had a great first trip.  This place should bring years of exciting football to the Vikings and their incredible fans.  Have a great weekend all!  SKOL!



Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MN State Fair

Jarrad Nickolite: Facility Services Manager

Hello from the West Metro,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and have crammed in as much as you could this year.  I say this, because that's exactly what I've done.

I have lived in the state of Minnesota for 7 years now, and have done a wide variety of things since I have been here.  However, there have been a few things that have escape me during my time here, the MN State Fair and the Renaissance Festival.  -Not this year!

Around this time, each year, my customers always ask me if I am going to the State Fair.  My typical response has been no, I already have other plans and won't be able to make it.  Then, they would ask me if I've ever been?  My response, very embarrassed, "no, I have never been to the MN State Fair".  Not anymore though.  I did it and had a really good time too!

I'm originally from Nebraska, and of course the county fairs were a big thing growing up.  The thing I never realized until now, is how big of a deal the MN State Fair is.  I did a little research before I decided to check it out and I couldn't believe the things I found out!  Below are a few facts that stood out to me.

The first MN State Fair was held in 1859.  The fair has been held every year, with only five exceptions: in 1861 and 1862 due to the Civil War and Dakota Indian Conflict, in 1893 because of scheduling conflicts with the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, in 1945 due to war-time fuel shortages, and in 1946 due to a polio epidemic.

I believe there are over 300 different food vendors at the MN State fair, and if that's not enough, they have added 32 new food vendors for 2016!

Best Food or Beverage: The Preferred Pickle
Best Attraction: Boy Scouts of America
Best Midway Ride: New York New York Fun House (Fair Ride Entertainment)
Best Midway Game: Fish-A-Rama (Oren Concessions)

There are roughly 1,800,000 people that show up for the MN State Fair, between August 25th and September 5th.

Last Monday, I took the day off to enjoy my first MN State Fair experience.  We spent the entire day there and I feel like we barely even made a dent in all the food/vendors/activities that are offered.  First things first, we started the morning off with a giant cinnamon roll, then a foot long hot dog.  We walked through some of the exhibits.  I was almost sold by some of the best infomercials guys out there, rode several rides, and even played a few games.  We visited the animal exhibits, also checked out the DNR area with the pond and all the fish that I usually spend my summer chasing.  We stopped for a few adult beverages and finished the day on the river ride, to cool down before fighting traffic on the way back home.

Overall, I had a good time and look forward to next year!  Next up, is the Renaissance Festival!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Welcoming Jenny Ewert!

Brian Mansfield: Controller

I am pleased to announce the addition of Jenny Ewert to the City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota team!  Jenny is joining our administrative team, in the role of Contractor Coordinator. 

This is a new role to CWM of Minnesota that we were able to add, thanks to our continued growth.  Jenny will be helping us continue to find great service providers to work with, while also helping free up some time for our Facilities Services Managers.  This will allow the FSM’s to devote more time to their primary objectives, of helping our clients save time and solve problems.

Jenny comes to City Wide with experience in staffing and has hit the ground running in her two weeks with us.  Because this is a new role, she has the opportunity to really help shape and develop the position and I’m excited to see where she takes it!  To learn a little more about her, take a look at her bio.

Welcome Jenny!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back To School

Shelly Grohovsky: Bookkeeper

Each year, my kids, my husband and I are so excited for summer to roll around, so we can enjoy some bike rides to the park, swimming, bbq’s, boating, and family birthdays.  Our schedule usually fills up before summer has even begun and then it’s all over before we know it!  So, here we are, with a mere two weeks left of summer, before it’s back to school once again.  I like to think of myself as a planner & a fairly organized person.  However, this year I dropped the ball and I am scrambling to get school supplies and new clothes bought, before my oldest one’s first day of 1st grade.  To me, this is more of a trying task than getting my child to do her homework!   Needless to say, I’m only about 1/3 of the way toward getting this accomplished. I’m sure I’ll be running around with the other last-minute shoppers on Labor Day weekend, finishing up our school shopping.  Along with all the busyness that is the planning & prepping, comes all kinds of emotions leading to that first day.  There’s the anxious feeling of how the day will go…  What will the teacher be like?  Will the classroom be easy enough to find without getting lost?   Will the kids be friendly?  Will school be fun?  (Yep, this is me….all me.  –I am the anxious one!) My daughter gets the typically butterflies in her stomach, but she herself, is a social butterfly, ready to learn and make new friends!  It’s bittersweet watching her grow up before our eyes!  Before we know it, she'll be in a cap & gown and those first days of school will be just memories.  But until then, we'll keep making the most of our summers and enjoy seeing her progress each school year!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and for those of you with littles heading back to school, I hope this school year is a memorable one for the books!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Warhammer 40k

Tyler DeVries: Night Manager

I recently had the pleasure of representing America on team USA, for the ETC (European team championships) where we competed against 32 other countries in a game called, Warhammer 40,000.

Warhammer 40k is a model-based, tactical game, where you use different strategies to out-play your opponent, and roll dice to determine effects in the game. I have been playing for 15 years, competitively for the last 7 years. This game has brought me all over the US to compete in competitions, where I was ranked and able to make the team.

This year, the competition was in Athens, Greece.  We competed in one of the old Olympic stadiums, which was pretty neat. The competition was three days long, and by the end of it, we placed 7th.  There were some upsets in some games, but that can happen.  Overall, this was a good year for us.

I have also placed well enough this year, to make the team again next year, where I will be competing in Spain!

Friday, July 22, 2016

City Wide Annual BBQ

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

The 3rd Annual City Wide BBQ is in the books! This BBQ is my favorite company event every year, as I get to welcome the team and their growing families into my home/backyard, and we are able to take a break from our busy work lives to enjoy great company.

In the past couple years we’ve found ourselves deep in competition, playing HORSE or Four Square on my basketball court. There was some competition this year, but the underlying theme was just great conversation and getting caught up with each other on life outside the office. 

With every good BBQ event, comes a ton of food and we had no shortage.  My wife is the MVP of the event, having peeled over 40 hard-boiled eggs to be smoked and deviled, cooking up her homemade mac n cheese, and making a mega pile of coleslaw and potato salad.  All I had to do was wake at the crack of dawn, 4am, and fire up the smokers.  By 5am, the pork shoulder and brisket was on and went to rest.  The food disappeared and we all socialized into the evening. 

Aaron challenged Greg to a cribbage match.  Then, I played the winner, which was Aaron, and was whooped!  As the only measurable competitive event of the party, Aaron Bowen has won himself the traveling City Wide Cup!  Congrats to Aaron, and glad that nearly the entire office was able to attend this year!

Friday, July 15, 2016

IFMA Golf Tournament

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

With the up and down weather we have had in the recent weeks, Dustin and I were very happy to have the day we had on Tuesday, for the IFMA Golf tournament.  The sun was out, hardly a cloud in the sky, 85 degrees, and a good breeze.

IFMA is the International Facility Management Association.  They are the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting 24,000 members in 105 countries.  The purpose of the organization, is to help FM professionals develop themselves and have a resource for information on FM decisions.

We work directly with FM professionals in a large majority of the facilities that we service, so of course we want to support them. Additionally, golf events like these, are the perfect opportunity to get our company in front of FM professionals that we do not yet work with.

This tournament was at Legends Golf course, in Lakeville, MN.  We were stationed on the 3rd tee box, where we were able to interact with all the groups coming through.  As I stated above, it was a beautiful day and we had an amazing time with the great people of IFMA.

Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July

Tyler DuBord: Facility Services Manager

Greetings from the Northeast Metro and Happy Independence Day from everyone at City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota!!

We all know the 4th of July celebrates our country's independence, but do you know the rest of the history of Independence Day? The United States used to be a British colony a long while ago. Eventually, the 13 original colonies determined they wanted to be their own, single nation. After the American Revolution, the US colonies finally won their independence from Great Britain. It was determined, that in order to officially declare their split from the British, the new nation would draw up a Declaration of Independence.

On July 2nd, 1776, a vote was called to order and one representative from each colony was summoned to Philadelphia. Only two days later, on July 4th, the delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson. This is why we celebrate America’s birthday on the 4th of July!

For me, this holiday marks a milestone of summer, in which my wife and I get to spend time with family and friends.  Together, we enjoy boating, barbeques and fireworks. This year, we're traveling south to Lake Okoboji, in Iowa. We'll celebrate by spending time on the water and flying the American flag, high and proud!

Just for fun, I was able to dig up a few interesting facts about the holiday that you may not know...

*An estimated 2.5 million people lived in this country in July, 1776. Today, that number has grown to over 310 million!  
*In 2010, the US imported $197.3 million worth of fireworks

*31 US cities have the word “Liberty” in their name, 35 cities have “independence” in their name, and only 1 city has “patriot” in its name.

*For those having a cookout on the 4th of July, you have a 25% chance that your hot dog came from Iowa.

Fun facts aside, please don't lose sight that this is an independence that Americans are still fighting for to this day, so make sure you thank a veteran or military member this 4th of July. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Holiday weekend!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Welcoming Ryan Sauser

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

I’d like to welcome our newest FSM to our team, Ryan Sauser!   In just three short weeks, Ryan has begun to get a great grasp of our system, processes, and procedures.  Most importantly, he is getting to know his clients and their buildings well enough to tour me around them! 

Ryan comes to City Wide Maintenance of MN with a background in sales and construction management.   He is very eager to learn, grow, and professionally develop here with us.  When looking to hire, our interview process is quite extensive, which allows us to really get to know the person we are inviting into our office and work family.  I am pleased to say that Ryan passed all of our tests!  It was very exciting to extend the offer to Ryan, to join our team as a Facility Services Manager.  He started in May and it’s been great to have him here!

Take a minute to look at Ryan’s bio, and you’ll find that he is a Lakeville native and knows the south metro very well.  He enjoys to spend time with his daughter and keeps quite a few large fish tanks in order and functioning!   In the coming weeks, I’ll continue to get Ryan completely dialed into our system, as I will be sneaking away for a couple weeks with the coming of my first child toward the end of August.

Welcome again Ryan, we are so glad to have you here! We are looking forward to seeing you tackle the territory for years to come!


Friday, June 17, 2016

IREM Golf Tournament - Minnesota Valley Country Club

Dustin Hayes: Sales Associate

Tyler and I recently attended the Minnesota Valley Country Club for the annual IREM Golf Tournament. What a great experience! The Minnesota Valley Country Club is a private club and the course, itself, looked to be in amazing shape for the golfers. The weather was outstanding and the humidity, hopefully, kept everyone loose. Most IREM members were in attendance, making it an excellent chance to socialize and meet with many new faces that were not in attendance at the last IREM meeting I attended, at the Science Museum. Many property managers and other professionals, whom handle various issues at buildings throughout the metro, had the chance to play the great looking golf course under scramble style rules.

Each hole had one or two sponsors, that had an opportunity to host a game and/or give out gifts. We happened to host hole number one. With our excellent looking tent and bean bag game, we gave each golfer an opportunity to win a multi-use travel mug, can coozie, and a beverage to rehydrate. It was incredible, the number of people that were able to toss the bag into the hole! Clearly, folks out there are playing tailgate games. We had a blast watching all of the great golfers that obviously play often and had fun with folks that don’t have a chance to play as much. We met a lot of people that day and made a few new relationships in the process.

Overall, it was a great social event and the scoring was all over the board. Serious groups came in around 15 under par and social groups were closer to even par. Watching all the golfers certainly had me excited to get out to my next round! We are definitely looking forward to sponsoring a hole again!