Monday, January 4, 2016

Week In Review: Dec 28th - Jan 1st

Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Happy Holidays from the Northwest Metro,
I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time off with friends and family, to enjoy the holidays. My girlfriend and I had many family gatherings, but were able to stay local, which allowed us to spend some time at home as well.

Now that winter seems to have come to stay, I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the weather. I enjoy being outside during all seasons. I'm excited for winter, so I can fire up the snowmobile and wax the snowboard.  With the unusually warm fall/beginning to winter we had, it delayed the snow fall and freezing of the lakes, so I am ready to hit the slopes, trails, and lakes for fishing.

We are keeping very busy in the northwest metro, completing some special projects over the holidays while many businesses are closed down. This time gives us an opportunity to work on some additional detail cleaning items and is always a great time to get some late season carpet cleaning and VCT work done.

With the snow starting to fly, our snow removal teams are all working hard to keep our facilities looking great and safe for customers and employees.

Once again Happy Holidays and I hope everyone is excited for the New Year.