Friday, February 5, 2016

Week In Review: Feb 1st - Feb 5th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Well, the new year has gotten off to a great start.  We are very excited about the opportunities in 2016!  New business, new opportunities and the ability to retool, while helping out our existing clients.  Our FSM team continues to look for ways to add value to your facilities during their regular visits, by identifying opportunities to improve and minimizing your overall vendor pool. 

This coming year, I’m looking forward to the organized management of Yearly Maintenance Plans for our clients. Included are: basic floor care, carpet cleaning, rest room deep cleaning, lighting services, and more.  These programs allow us to streamline processes for our clients and generate predictable budget items, that improve the look and feel of your facility for your employees and visitors.

Outside of the office, I saw that Jarrad mentioned a quick fishing trip a couple weeks back.  Like he said, we found a mess of perch!  It was a great trip, despite the 2 below temps we walked out onto the ice in.  Last weekend, we made another run down on Cedar and weren’t so lucky.  Fortunately, it was nearly 35 degrees, so it was just great to be outside in the middle of January and not be freezing!  Aside from that, I continue to chase Tyler Olson on the Cross Country Ski’s.  I’ve been training much more regularly than I did last year.  I've actively been getting ready for our big race up in Hayward and I'm incredibly confident that I should beat last year's time!  Enjoy the rest of winter all!