Friday, March 25, 2016

Week In Review: Mar 21st - 25th

Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Greeting from the Northwest Metro,

Hope that spring is treating everyone well, aside from the spring snow storm that the south metro experienced.  In my territory things stayed dry, but there were many of our facilities in the south that got hit with plenty of snow.

With it now being spring, we are getting ramped up for all the spring cleaning projects at our customers' buildings.  It is a great time to remove the build up from over the winter, by getting carpets hot water extracted and VCT floors waxed, to bring back the shine.

Many of our clients are also relying on us to aid them in outdoor clean up of parking lots. We have been filling the schedule with parking lot sweeping and sidewalk/entryway pressure washing, to remove the leftover salt and sand that winter left behind.

It is also a great time to start getting windows touched up, so our customers can enjoy the sunshine through a spotless window. Many people that have an office window, really appreciate being able to enjoy the outdoor weather from inside, with a view that is not disturbed by water streaks and dust build up.

On a personal level, my girlfriend and I got a new puppy named, Aspen.  We are really enjoying the warmer weather and being able to spend time going for walks or enjoying the dog park near our house.  Before long, Aspen and I will be starting our formal hunting training to prepare her for next fall.

I hope everyone has a great Easter with family! As always, if there is anything myself or one of our Facility Services Managers can help with, please let us know.