Friday, June 17, 2016

IREM Golf Tournament - Minnesota Valley Country Club

Dustin Hayes: Sales Associate

Tyler and I recently attended the Minnesota Valley Country Club for the annual IREM Golf Tournament. What a great experience! The Minnesota Valley Country Club is a private club and the course, itself, looked to be in amazing shape for the golfers. The weather was outstanding and the humidity, hopefully, kept everyone loose. Most IREM members were in attendance, making it an excellent chance to socialize and meet with many new faces that were not in attendance at the last IREM meeting I attended, at the Science Museum. Many property managers and other professionals, whom handle various issues at buildings throughout the metro, had the chance to play the great looking golf course under scramble style rules.

Each hole had one or two sponsors, that had an opportunity to host a game and/or give out gifts. We happened to host hole number one. With our excellent looking tent and bean bag game, we gave each golfer an opportunity to win a multi-use travel mug, can coozie, and a beverage to rehydrate. It was incredible, the number of people that were able to toss the bag into the hole! Clearly, folks out there are playing tailgate games. We had a blast watching all of the great golfers that obviously play often and had fun with folks that don’t have a chance to play as much. We met a lot of people that day and made a few new relationships in the process.

Overall, it was a great social event and the scoring was all over the board. Serious groups came in around 15 under par and social groups were closer to even par. Watching all the golfers certainly had me excited to get out to my next round! We are definitely looking forward to sponsoring a hole again!