Friday, October 7, 2016

Ryder Cup

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

Last weekend, a number of us from the City Wide Team had the opportunity to go to the Ryder Cup, here in Minnesota.  The event was held at Hazeltine National Golf Course in Chaska, MN.  This was a historic event, as the Ryder cup is only in the United States every 4 years, and has never been held in Minnesota before. It was an amazing experience to have this right in our backyard. 

A brief history on the event, for those who don’t know:  The Ryder cup started in 1927, in Massachusetts.  The event is a golf competition that occurs every two years, between Team USA and Team Europe.  It is named after Samuel Ryder, who donated the trophy in the first competition.  The original competition was between the USA and Great Britain, but was expanded to all of Europe after the second world war, due to the dominance of Team USA.

Back to our experience at the event.  Greg (owner), Brian (controller), Mitch (DOO), myself, and one of my buddies from outside of City Wide, attended the event.  We arrived there well before the gates opened up and were near the front of the line.  When gates opened we hurried to the Tee 1 grandstand and were able to get seats to the early morning festivities, including chants, cheering, and a spontaneous national anthem, as the sun rose, which made its way onto multiple news outlets including CNN.  After the morning groups went off, we followed the groups to different holes and were able to watch a good amount of golf.

For those who don’t follow golf, the USA pulled off the win on Sunday, and ended an 8 year drought.

I don’t think that this event will ever be back in MN in my lifetime, but if so I would suggest checking it out!