Friday, November 11, 2016


Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Hello all, from the Northwest Metro!

Hope everyone's fall is treating them well and you're enjoying the nice weather we are having before the snow starts to fly.

Things are very busy, here at City Wide. This week in particular has consisted of my playing catch up after an amazing vacation to Iceland with my girlfriend, Rachel.  We decided last winter, that we wanted to take a fall vacation to a place with adventure and beautiful views, thus we landed on a trip to Iceland.  This turned out to be a great trip and we took full advantage of the opportunity to see some very undisturbed nature, that is found throughout the island.

We thought it was especially interesting that the whole island is made up of mainly lava rock and moss. There isn't any agriculture or farming on the island, due to the ground being so dense and not consisting much soil.  Much of everything needed to be imported, so as you can imagine, items were expensive, but well worth it.

We stayed in the capital city, Reykjavik, in a small condo.  We also had a rental car, which enabled us to make day trips around the island to see some amazing waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, and many mountain ranges and glaciers. 

We also had the opportunity to go horseback riding through the lava fields and snorkel between the North American and European/Asian tectonic plates, which was my favorite thing we did!  The water clarity was amazing and you could see the bottom of where the plates cracked, which was roughly 130ft deep and clear as day. With the water being so clear, the light was able to penetrate really deep, making it possible to see the crazy colors of the minerals in the rock face. 

I have included a few of our favorite pictures of us, in front of a some of the many waterfalls and on top of a mountain, after hiking up it. 

If you ever have the opportunity to experience Iceland, I would highly recommend it, as it blew our expectations away. 

Hope everyone has a great rest of fall and stays warm through the weather changes!