Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Maghan Aschoff: Facility Services Manager

This time of year is always exciting in my house.  I have 11 year old twins, who are ridiculously excited for Christmas.  The energy and excitement of a child on Christmas morning, makes a lot of the challenges throughout the year worth it!

Traditions are such a huge part of the holiday season.  My grandparents were from Czechoslovakia, and when I was a kid I thought our holiday traditions were over the top. Every year we would throw nuts in every corner of the room for "health, happiness, love and wealth", literally, we would throw food in corners, and we couldn't touch them for days otherwise our wishes wouldn't come true. We would put honey on our foreheads and say prayers for a healthy new you know what that did to a teenaged forehead?!  We would open one gift on Christmas Eve, only one; that was tortuous as a kid.  There are so many more traditions that we did, and as a kid, I thought they were lame. 

Well now I have kids, and I realize how important these traditions were.  Every year my family decorates our tree while listening to The Beach Boys Christmas, then we have an appetizer party while we watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Every Christmas Eve, we open one present, which is always Christmas pajamas that the kids wear that night.  When they were little they thought it was awesome to get xmas pj's, now they're old enough to know I pick out their "one gift" and yes, it's so we can have festive Christmas morning pictures.  :)

My kids are growing up fast, and I revel in the fact that they still want to spend this much time on our traditions.  And who knows, they may think they're lame; but one day they'll appreciate it! 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Welcome, Vang!

Mitch Brunette: Director Of Operations

In the last month, we brought a new night manager into our office!  Joel has been particularly happy to have him working in the central metro territory.  Welcome to our office, Vang Khang!

Vang has a background in retail supervision, management of processes and detailed merchandising, as well as supervision from the parking industry and we are excited that he has joined our team! 

From his first interview, I could tell he had a very upbeat personality, a great willingness to help out, and a desire to achieve goals and get after projects.  Vang and I both have sons born just a few DAYS apart this year, so we are in the new fatherhood boat together, and have been enjoying it thus far. 

Since coming on board, Vang has shadowed Steve Reid heavily. In the last couple weeks though, he has been getting out on his own a bit, to handle some projects solo. This coming week, he'll be ready to head out on his own & tackle his territory.

Welcome aboard, sir, and we appreciate your efforts and impact you make for our team and office!

Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Year Anniversary Banquet

Kirsten Lund: Office Manager

In 2006, Dick and Greg decided it was time for a new venture. They packed up their lives and moved to the Twin Cities to start up City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota. After cleaning countless toilets and mopping endless floors – here we are, 10 years later, celebrating the anniversary. City Wide has grown from a small family-run company, to now employing more than 20 people, while still maintaining the family culture.

The table linens were set and place cards displayed. There was not a detail that was missed. While Frank Sinatra played in the background, and a slideshow of the past 10 years cycled, guests began to arrive. Several people traveled from out of state, just for this occasion. It was an honor to be surrounded by so many friends, family and fellow faces of City Wide.

Each year, City Wide of Minnesota has a tradition of handing out awards. This year was no different. After dessert was served, the awards ceremony began. Now, these aren’t your typical awards for achievements and accomplishments. These are the Golden Toilet Awards! Golden Toilet awards only get handed out to certain people (mostly of superior excellence) that have really made the year stand out. More of a compilation of funny, hard-working, and sometimes embarrassing moments. (I, personal, have four!)  Between the "Two Time MN Winter Survivor," "Founders Award Sponsored By Diet Mt Dew," and the "Gun Show" awards, this provided endless laughs and entertainment for the night.

We would like to extend a huge thank you, to those near and far, that were able to join us in our company’s celebration. We look forward to what the next 10 years will bring for City Wide of Minnesota!

Mic drop.