Friday, April 14, 2017

New Jersey Market Visit

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Last week, City Wide of MN welcomed our Business Performance Coach, Meredith Cimeno and City Wide of Northern New Jersey into our office. They came to spend some time with us, comparing best practices and reviewing our operations! It was a great opportunity getting to know Pat and Kara Hunt, as they learned more about our operation, and asked questions that lead to out of the box thinking!

We tend to visit other markets or have other markets visit us a few times a year, allowing us a chance to think differently about how we handle situations and improve our processes for our employees and clients.  One of the foundations of our culture is maintaining Positive Discontent, meaning we are always seeking a better way, always hungry to get better, while improving ourselves individually and professionally.  When we have visitors in town, this is the perfect opportunity!

The other main take-away I find from having visitors or us visiting others’ offices, is that we find ourselves teaching a process or program and realize that maybe we could be doing one piece or part of it more consistently. I’ve always known that when you are teaching something, you’re often reminding yourself of the core of “why” we do something this way or that way.  Best of luck to the Hunts in their business adventures! Now I have one more resource to reach out to for advice or help in the future as well!