Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mother's Day

Shelly Grohovsky: Bookkeeper

This Sunday is a day that is dedicated to all the moms out there.  It’s Mother’s Day!  As both a daughter and a mom, Mother’s Day not only gives me the opportunity to show my mom how much I love and appreciate her, it also is a day that I feel blessed to have two beautiful little girls of my own.  I like to take this time to remind myself to strive to be the best mom that I can be for my daughters, just like my mom has always been for me.   
Being a mom is a big job.  You’re faced with many challenges, big and small. But, there’s nothing better than hearing your child tell you they love you or seeing them blossom through all the adventures in their lives, right before your eyes.  This Sunday, I hope you can find a way to celebrate your mom or another great mom in your life.
Happy Mother’s Day!