Friday, September 29, 2017

Phoenix Trip: Mitch Brunette

Earlier this summer our former Night Manager, Aaron Bowen, moved his family from MN back to his home state of Arizona.  I happened to be on vacation visiting my sisters last week, and of course found myself catching up with Aaron and the Phoenix City Wide office for an afternoon.  We shared some best practices, I saw where Aaron’s new office is, and caught up with the owner, Mike O'Donnel, whom has visited our office in the past.

They were gracious enough to let me join in their Friday afternoon meeting sessions and provide some feedback on what I saw as a DOO, as we grew from being comparable to their size to where we are now, at the 11 years in business mark.  There is a good group of guys down there, working as the FSM and DOO team. They are doing a lot of things right and servicing some challenging account types.  There were a few things that they were able to remind me of and it drove me to revisit with my team for best practices. 

It was good to get out of town and spend time with those guys, grab dinner, and talk about business but I certainly enjoyed my time with my sisters and nephews too.  They all thanked me for “bringing the cool weather” (It was 95 degrees, we don’t consider that cool weather!)  I visited all over the East & West Valley for good dinners, golf, Vikings game viewing and more.  Glad to be back home, but as always it was nice to get away for a bit!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Volunteer Day | Burnsville Park Clean-Up

Jenny Schmidt: Contractor Coordinator

Our annual volunteer day was a success, as we were able to help out the City of Burnsville with some trail and park clean up! We started off our morning at Cliff Fen Park and helped trim trees along the nature trail. We were able to make the trail more open and accessible for everyone that plans to visit.

After a few hours of cleaning up the trail, we headed over to North River Hills Park for lunch and a few friendly games of Kubb. Once we filled our stomachs and had a little competitive fun together, we walked through the park to clean up trash. We also went to Alimagnet Park and the Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve in Burnsville to clean those areas up as well. It was a lot of fun to walk around the parks together, plus the weather was perfect! 

It was a satisfying day to be able to give back to the community, while working together as a company; plus, everyone enjoyed getting out of the office setting and soaking up the sunshine too!