Friday, February 23, 2018

Congratulations to our FSM/CCM of the Quarter/Year!!

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations
At City Wide, we strive for great customer service and long term client relationships.  In Minnesota, we’ve always been competitive in these areas and appreciate our team’s consistent efforts in maintaining long term clients and helping them out with additional needs and services, to keep their buildings looking great.

City Wide recognizes Quarterly high performers based on client retention and other client retention metrics, and our FSM & Contract Compliance Managers are eligible to receive a plaque congratulating their success each quarter.  We’ve had a number of our FSMs earn these throughout each quarter, however, each quarter there is an “FSM/CCM of the Quarter” winning team, and then annually an “FSM/CCM of the Year” winning team. 

For 4th Quarter of 2017 the winners were Alex Underwood and Mark Camp of the North West Metro. This is very exciting as it’s not easy to be the team of the quarter, and it is the first time for a team in our office. Great job Mark and Alex! Thank you for your dedication and efforts to serve your clients at a very high level!

For the 2017 annual contest, our very own Ryan Sauser and Tyler DeVries are the winning team for the entire year!  Although these two were not ranked first in any quarter, they were consistently high in the standings, allowing them to take home the top award for the year! 

There are approximately 80 teams competing for these awards and we are very impressed with our two teams winning these for the first time. Nice job bringing them home!