Friday, April 13, 2018

Office Construction

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

In my nearly ten years of working at City Wide, we’ve experienced tremendous growth and with growth comes change!  When I started in 2008, our office left a lot to be desired but I won’t focus on that, I’ll focus on the one 60” round conference room table and 7 total desks that we had in total (which weren’t all filled).  That space served its purpose and after 5 years or so of being there, Greg and I were on our way home from a fishing trip, when Dick Mansfield sent us a web link to an office that eventually became our current home.  It fit all of our space needs, it was an upgrade in size and quality, and it allowed us to expand into over 20 work spaces as we’ve grown.

The time has come and we’ve once again outgrown our space, so we have purchased the downstairs suite attached to our entryway vestibule. We are well under way with construction! The planning phases were fun, as we explored what we could do with this new space to maximize what we get out of the investment and what best sets us up for the future and long term growth.  We were able to add 4 new work spaces for future hires, we moved the sales team and their 4 desks into a new space downstairs which will now allow them 6 work spaces, and we were able to add 4 private meeting spaces which were desperately needed since we have very little private space in our current setup and layout.

We are very excited for construction to come to an end in the next few weeks.  It has been very noisy and messy, and we’ve lost some parking spaces along the way, but we trust it will all be worth it.  Thanks to everyone on the City Wide team for contributing to our growth and allowing us to expand and plan for the next several years!