Friday, August 24, 2018

Visit From City Wide Franchise Home Office

Mitch Brunette: Vice President - Director of Operations

This last week, we had 4 visitors from the City Wide Franchise Home office in Kansas City in town to visit.  Jeff Oddo (President), Darin Hicks (COO), Paul Weybrew (VP Operations) and Jeff Hawkins (VP Sales) came to town to spend a couple days reviewing our market and comparing best practices with us. We also had some fun on a boat cruise (See Andrew Mikkola’s blog on that).

It’s always fun to have others in town to dig into our business and review what we are doing well, where we can improve, and how we can all support each other as City Wide as a whole continues to grow. 

Greg Mansfield, Brian Mansfield, Tyler Olson and myself, spent a couple days diving into the details of our business and introducing our team whom have ultimately contributed to our growth and success.  Our Franchise visitors were happy to get outside the walls of our conference rooms to meet our team, interact and engage with them and also to learn about what they’re doing to be successful and grow City Wide Maintenance of MN.  We even took them out to see some prospecting and engage with some of our existing clients.

As a ten year veteran of the City Wide System, I’ve seen a lot of transition and evolution in how we operate, and I continue to be proud of our efforts that we dedicate toward improving for our clients, employees, and outside contractors.  Thank you to City Wide Franchise for coming to visit and to review opportunities for growth in the model!