Friday, October 12, 2018

Alex's Wedding!

Alex Underwood: Senior Facility Services Manager

Hey Everyone,

Hope fall is treating everyone great and we get this rain to move out so we can enjoy the fall weather we all love.

Speaking of the fall weather, I was fortunate enough to have a nice day last weekend to enjoy the outdoor ceremony for my wedding. It wasn’t the 65 degree sunny day we were hoping for, but the rain passed through on Friday night and we were able to enjoy some great pictures outside as well as a great ceremony.

My wife and I got married down at a vineyard and winery called Villa Bellezza in Pepin, Wisconsin, which is just across Lake Pepin from Redwing and Lake City. This was the perfect place to get married as my wife is a wine enthusiast and the setting in the river bluffs was spectacular!

We had a great group of friends, family, and coworkers that helped us enjoy the day. Even though it wasn’t the warmest day, we were able to enjoy the warmth of cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing after the short outside ceremony.

We were lucky enough to have our dog, Aspen, and my niece as our flower girls, accompanied by my Nephew and wife’s cousins as the ring bearers. The kids really enjoyed being part of the big day and even made it through the ceremony without crying.

Now that the wedding is over, it is back to business as usual and anxiously awaiting our honeymoon in late November, to South Africa. We will be spending 5 days in the southern tip in Cape Town, exploring the mountains and vinyards they are famous for, and even taking a little adventure and going cage diving with the Great White Sharks.

After our time in Cape Town, we will be traveling to the Northeast boarder to South Africa to experience the wildlife at a safari village for the remaining time.

Really looking forward to the trip and leaves us one more thing to look forward to.