Friday, December 14, 2018

Tyler DeVries - 5 Year Anniversary

Ryan Sauser: Facility Services Manager

December 14th is a very special day this year, as it marks the 5-year anniversary of Tyler Devries as the Contract Compliance Manager for the Southeast Metro. 

When I was hired on as the FSM for Southeast Metro 2 ½ years ago, I was told great things about Tyler and what to expect.  Those words were nothing short of the truth. 
Tyler has been a great asset to City Wide over the years.  He has helped immensely in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and in his working relationships with the crews in the facilities that we service.  His knowledge of our industry continues to grow and he continues to be a great role model for up and coming Contract Compliance Managers.

Tyler is a huge contributor to this territory and one of the major reasons we won the prestigious FSM/CCM of the year award amongst all other City Wide franchises in the country in 2018.  It will be neck-and-neck in 2019 for that same award once again.

Tyler, we truly appreciate all that you do for the team here at City Wide!