Friday, January 18, 2019

Welcome, Mitch Whiting!

Mitch Brunette: Vice President - Director of Operations

I would like to take a minute to introduce Mitch Whiting, our newest FSM covering the Central Metro Territory!  We had a lot of fun getting to know Mitch in the interview process and we are glad he came to join us. 

Mitch has a background as a GM at Enterprise Rent-a-Car prior to coming to join us, and held numerous other roles during his time there.  Since he’s been with City Wide, we had about 3-4 fun weeks going out to see clients and various people, having the opportunity to introduce ourselves as “Mitch and this is also Mitch” while watching the puzzled looks on their faces.

Fortunately, Mitch started just in time to make it to our Holiday party where he had an opportunity to get to know most of our team in a non-work setting and we had the opportunity to meet his fiancĂ©, Melissa (Mel), as well. 

Welcome to City Wide Mitch!