Monday, September 23, 2019

A Brush With Kindess: Volunteer Event 2019

At City Wide, our office regularly gives back to charity with both financial, and time spent support.  On Wednesday this week our office volunteered for A Brush With Kindness through Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. This is the third time we have partnered with Habitat to help someone in our community and the second time that we have painted a house.

We had a great showing of people from the office with over 20 people onsite helping to paint the exterior of a house in Minneapolis.  I somehow ended up on the roof of the car port with one of our CCM’s, Jeff,  painting the portion of the house above it.  Little did I know when I volunteered for that job, I would need to be in a 4 point harness, strapped to a safety cable, which made painting a little more challenging.  Initially it was nice on the roof as it was a little cooler out (especially for August), but by noon, we were roasting up there.  However, we did have a lot of fun!

When we showed up onsite, the house was about 25% of the way painted, and our volunteer time was from 8am-4pm.  However, with he crew that we brought, and the general competitiveness within the group, we had the entire house painted by 1:30pm and ended up leaving early as there wasn’t anything left to do.

It is always great to see our team come together and help others, and I am sure that we will continue to do so regularly.