Friday, April 24, 2020

Facility Response Plan Program

City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota is prepared to roll out our Facility Response Plan Program, which is based on what we have learned from monitoring the recommendations from OSHA, CDC, MN Department of Health, and other Governing Authorities.  After reviewing recent information from these organizations, it is becoming more clear that workplace expectations are going to be a little different moving forward. The good news appears to be that most of the recommendations are common sense based, and can be easily implemented with proper planning and sourcing.

Please see the information provided here by OSHA for ongoing workplace safety.   

Please see the information provided here by the CDC for business.

Please see information here from the Minnesota Governor’s Office.

It appears that each facility will require an Individual Facility Response Plan and we are able to help with that process for any City Wide Serviced Facility.

To the fullest extent feasible, City Wide’s program for enhanced services will be executed by separate crews that are specialized in enhanced cleaning.  There will be a strong focus on proof of service for work performed so our clients staff can feel confident that additional safety measures are being taken.  Proof of service can include leave behind dated notes on desks, stickers, and photos that are emailed the day that service is completed.

A few options to consider for enhanced services are Electrostatic Disinfection, enhanced spray/wipe disinfection, and enhanced touch point cleaning during the day with focused day porter services.

We have an option for our facilities to  be part of a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly electrostatic disinfection or spray and wipe route.  The benefit of being part of a consistent routine is the cost for this service is significantly less than if you were to have it done ‘as requested.’  our dedicated and trained professionals enter your site geared with the proper PPE and an electrostatic sprayer, in tandem with battery sprayers which can cover significant square footage and efficiently sanitize nearly every surface in your facility. This process delivers an EPA Certified Chemical capable of killing Covid 19, germs, viruses, bacteria, as well as preventing mold and mildew on treated surfaces.

We also have the ability to consult our clients utilizing a Facility Response Plan Checklist to ensure that they are doing everything possible to keep their employees, customers, and visitors safe and healthy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Mark!

Maghan Aschoff: Happy 5 Year Anniversay with City Wide, Mark!

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Mark Camp on his 5 year anniversary with City Wide. Mark started out as a night manager in the Northwest territory in 2015. He was promoted to Senior Contract Compliance Manager in July 2018.

Mark has been such an asset to the team and we’re happy to have him. He has shown a great deal of growth and development over the years and we look forward to his continuous success.

2020 is a big year for Mark, not just for his 5 year anniversary with City Wide, but he and Emily are getting married in June! Congrats on a great year!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mark!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Welcome to City Wide!

Shelly Grohovsky: Welcome Sarah!

Welcome Sarah!

I’m excited to introduce and welcome Sarah Meyers to our team!  Sarah was hired on as a temp position to help support our accounting team as we go through some transitions with our accounting software.  Sarah comes to us with a background in Health Services Management.  She is in the Air Force Reserves, holding the rank of Technical Sergeant, where her current role is a Drug Testing Manager.  I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Sarah over the past month and a half and have greatly appreciated the support she has brought to the table.  She has very quickly adapted to our accounting responsibilities and has fit in well with our team.  It’s been fun getting to know more about Sarah and realizing that we share some common interests such as: photography, music, and our guilty pleasure of watching garbage tv shows.  Sarah loves to travel and particularly loves solo roads trips.  It amazes me all the places she has been and I admire her spontaneity.  She has shared some spectacular photos with me that she’s captured on these journeys!  I also can’t forget about her kitty, Zena.  Zena is her baby, so I hear many stories and see many pictures of her too.  I’m extremely happy to have Sarah here for the next couple months and want to say a big thank you to her for all her contributions!

Mitch Brunette: Welcome 2020

Mitch Brunette: Vice President - Director of Operations

With January in the rearview mirror, looking back at the time period between Thanksgiving and now seems like we blinked and the Holidays & January were over.  Welcome to 2020, a New Year and a New Decade - with that we have some new faces and business growth!

Our Sales Team continues to work hard at finding and producing new opportunities for my Account Management Team to onboard and support.  We’ve had several new clients come on board, territories have grown and adjusted, and we continue to evaluate what the future geographical territories are going to look like for our teams.

In 4th quarter we added Abby Ellingson and Desmond Foy to our SW Metro territories.  Abby handles the “Deep South West” as I like to call it and Desmond handles the Northern portion and is pushing north toward our newest FSM in Q1, Eric Doelp who handles the true NW Territory.

We also added to our CCM team brining on Marc Lovin in the Central Metro paired with Mitch Whiting, as well as Kenny Casper to help support Chad Michaels as well as floating to various sites that need additional help.

We’ve also brought on a Sales Admin, Jeannie to help support our Sales Team who continues to be busier by the day.  Jeannie is helping with office administrative tasks, CRM processes, and working on helping in the field when we are preparing to start a new clients office.

Growth is good! It certainly comes with its own set of challenges but we are happy to take it on.

Welcome to the new team members, and thanks for everyones help on our team!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Welcome Gary Curtis!

Abby Ellingson: Welcome, Gary!

We welcome Gary to our team at City Wide Maintenance of MN who is a Contract Compliance Manager supporting the Southwest Metro Area. Gary comes from an engineering, and project management position prior to joining City Wide. Originally from the East Coast in New Hampshire, Gary moved to MN in 2011, married his wife Jane and continued to grow their family. He has three children and one grandson. It has been a pleasure to get to know Gary and his family over the last few months of working together and learning more about the East Coast as well as Africa where his wife is originally from.

Gary has already made a positive impact on his territory thus far and prides himself on providing great customer service, and professionalism while visiting facilities. 

We look forward to working with Gary and watching him grow in his position within City Wide. 
Welcome Gary!!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Welcome, Eric Doelp!

Senior Facility Services Manager: Maghan Aschoff

I’d like to Welcome Eric Doelp to our City Wide family. We are very excited to have Eric join our team and assist clients in the Northwest Territory.

Eric comes to us with 8 years experience in Project Management and Facility Management.  He has over 10 years customer service management and relationship building skills.  These skills will be a huge asset to our City Wide Operations team.

Eric is originally from New Jersey. We’ve been training together for the last month I’ve been able to see some east coast mannerisms come out!  He and his wife, Kasandra (Kassie), moved to Minnesota 10 years ago.  They stay very busy with their three and five year old kids, Fitz and Emmy. 

It has been great getting to know Eric over the last month while training and I look forward to working with him further.

Welcome to the team, Eric, thank you for choosing City Wide!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Holiday Party 2020

City Wide Holiday Party 2020
Katelyn Wilson: Sales Associate

Recently, City Wide threw the annual Holiday party at Vivo Kitchen. This was my second holiday party with City Wide and it didn’t disappoint. The restaurant has great food and drinks and a perfect spot for the team to get together.

It was nice to see everyone get together outside of the office to get to know each other better and meet some of their friends and family.

Some of the highlights of the night was getting to hear some funny stories from fellow employees. Also it was great to see awards given out and hear about their accomplishments over the year. I look forward to more events like this and it was a great way to end a successful year!