Friday, February 28, 2020

Mitch Brunette: Welcome 2020

Mitch Brunette: Vice President - Director of Operations

With January in the rearview mirror, looking back at the time period between Thanksgiving and now seems like we blinked and the Holidays & January were over.  Welcome to 2020, a New Year and a New Decade - with that we have some new faces and business growth!

Our Sales Team continues to work hard at finding and producing new opportunities for my Account Management Team to onboard and support.  We’ve had several new clients come on board, territories have grown and adjusted, and we continue to evaluate what the future geographical territories are going to look like for our teams.

In 4th quarter we added Abby Ellingson and Desmond Foy to our SW Metro territories.  Abby handles the “Deep South West” as I like to call it and Desmond handles the Northern portion and is pushing north toward our newest FSM in Q1, Eric Doelp who handles the true NW Territory.

We also added to our CCM team brining on Marc Lovin in the Central Metro paired with Mitch Whiting, as well as Kenny Casper to help support Chad Michaels as well as floating to various sites that need additional help.

We’ve also brought on a Sales Admin, Jeannie to help support our Sales Team who continues to be busier by the day.  Jeannie is helping with office administrative tasks, CRM processes, and working on helping in the field when we are preparing to start a new clients office.

Growth is good! It certainly comes with its own set of challenges but we are happy to take it on.

Welcome to the new team members, and thanks for everyones help on our team!