Friday, April 24, 2020

Facility Response Plan Program

City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota is prepared to roll out our Facility Response Plan Program, which is based on what we have learned from monitoring the recommendations from OSHA, CDC, MN Department of Health, and other Governing Authorities.  After reviewing recent information from these organizations, it is becoming more clear that workplace expectations are going to be a little different moving forward. The good news appears to be that most of the recommendations are common sense based, and can be easily implemented with proper planning and sourcing.

Please see the information provided here by OSHA for ongoing workplace safety.   

Please see the information provided here by the CDC for business.

Please see information here from the Minnesota Governor’s Office.

It appears that each facility will require an Individual Facility Response Plan and we are able to help with that process for any City Wide Serviced Facility.

To the fullest extent feasible, City Wide’s program for enhanced services will be executed by separate crews that are specialized in enhanced cleaning.  There will be a strong focus on proof of service for work performed so our clients staff can feel confident that additional safety measures are being taken.  Proof of service can include leave behind dated notes on desks, stickers, and photos that are emailed the day that service is completed.

A few options to consider for enhanced services are Electrostatic Disinfection, enhanced spray/wipe disinfection, and enhanced touch point cleaning during the day with focused day porter services.

We have an option for our facilities to  be part of a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly electrostatic disinfection or spray and wipe route.  The benefit of being part of a consistent routine is the cost for this service is significantly less than if you were to have it done ‘as requested.’  our dedicated and trained professionals enter your site geared with the proper PPE and an electrostatic sprayer, in tandem with battery sprayers which can cover significant square footage and efficiently sanitize nearly every surface in your facility. This process delivers an EPA Certified Chemical capable of killing Covid 19, germs, viruses, bacteria, as well as preventing mold and mildew on treated surfaces.

We also have the ability to consult our clients utilizing a Facility Response Plan Checklist to ensure that they are doing everything possible to keep their employees, customers, and visitors safe and healthy.