Meet The City Wide Team

Greg Mansfield, President
Brian Mansfield, Vice President - Director of Administration

Sales Team
Tyler Olson, Vice President - Director of Sales
Josh Holdahl, Sales Executive
Adam Gustad, Sales Executive
Adam Bartusek, Sales Associate
Kateyln Wilson, Business Development Specialist

Facility Service Managers Team
Mitch Brunette, Vice President - Director of Operations
Maghan Aschoff, Senior Facility Services Manager
Jarrad Nickolite, West Metro Facility Services Manager
Clare Ten Pas, Northwest Metro Facility Services Manager
Ryan Sauser, Southeast Metro Facility Services Manager
Mitch Whiting, Central Metro Facility Services Manager
Joel Willert, Special Projects Manager
Steve Reid, Operations Manager
Tyler DeVries, Southeast Metro Contract Compliance Manager
Mark Camp, Northwest Metro Contract Compliance Manager

Administration Team
Kirsten Lund, Office Manager
Shelly Grohovsky, Bookkeeper
Allison Missling, Contractor Coordinator