Mitch Brunette: Vice President - Director of Operations

City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota

Hi, I'm Mitch, Vice President - Director of Operations for City Wide Maintenance of MN. I grew up right here in the suburbs of Saint Paul and haven’t gone too far since!

I have a background in Customer Service, going back to high school and early college years.  From there, I began my transition into a successful Sales and Management career.

In May 2008, I found City Wide Maintenance of MN.  After the interview process, I was very excited to get started and help drive this family business, as Facility Service Manager for the South Metro.  In March of 2013, I was promoted to Director of Operations. During the last few years of running our entire Account Management Team, I’ve really come to enjoy and embrace my role.  It’s a unique role, as I get to lead and help develop individual managers within our organization, oversee our entire portfolio of clients from a coach’s perspective, and I still get out in the field, hands-on, to stay in touch and know where our strengths and weaknesses are.  Spending time with my management team each, week reviewing events and giving an outsider's perspective, has become one of my favorite accomplishments and roles here.  I’ve come to understand the value of coaching, and gaining outsiders’ opinions more than I ever have before.  In doing this weekly with my team, it’s become automatic to reach out to others that are in the same position as myself, in other City Wide Maintenance locations across the nation, for perspective, accountability, and new ideas. 

Customer Service Philosophy Simply put, I want our clients to have a World Class experience with our team, from Sales & Management to Administration.  Our goal is to provide a great onboarding experience, strong relationships, and to be your vendor of choice, not someone you are obligated to through long term contract.  We built our “Single Point of Contact” with a purpose to ensure everything associated with your property runs through one person, as they are accountable for all results in your facility from its cleanliness to accurate invoices.

Our Vendors and Employees: Our team of Facility Services Managers and Night Managers are an incredible value to myself and our leadership team, at City Wide Maintenance of MN.  We’ve worked hard to find the right people, whom are properly motivated, and whom align with our values and principles as a company, to be a part of our team.  Our company culture is incredibly valuable to me, and the comradery and willingness to help each other out in our office is imperative to our success as a team.

Outside of the Office: My wife, Liz, and I have been married for over 6 years., We welcomed our first Child, Bennett, into our lives in September 2016.  He’s a very happy little man and is changing so much every day.  Liz and I have spent a lot of time together with our friends; camping, running races, boxing, golfing, going to Vikings games, BBQ Contests, cutting down our Christmas trees, and of course time with family.  Liz grew up in Southern Minnesota on a farm, so I’ve started to take to farming a bit, and even driving a tractor here and there.  In the last few years, I’ve taken on cross country skiing to be my fitness and hobby of choice, to keep me in good shape and have something to compete at outside the office.  I have Tyler Olson to thank for skiing, as he got me into it, coaches me, and humbles me every time we ski together.